RND Publishing Let's erase the stigma of mental illness together!

About RND Publishing: 

Our mission is educate people about the struggles faced each and every day of people and families suffering with mental illness. Mental illness has such an intense negative stigma attached to it, we purposely never engage in the conversation on how to not only overcome that stigma, but how to also help those suffering with mental illness to reach a fuller potential with their lives.  

So with RND Publishing, Inc., we will publish books and materials to help others understand mental illness, give hope to those families dealing with this often, mysterious illness.    We are in our infancy and so with God's help and hopefully yours, we begin our new mission.  

Having owned retail supermarkets for many years, still inside me was the burning desire to do something different with my life; to write, create and publish.  Many friends & family members encouraged me over the years to write a book "someday" based on how I grew up, with mental illness so entrenched in our family.  It was yet another "someday" dream as the business of life, creating and running our family supermarket business put that dream on a backburner.   Owning our company for more than 2 decades was a true blessing as we raised our family, and that "someday" just seemed so far out of reach, but just as our children grew into adults and onto lives of their own, our business too, peaked and with daunting mega-box store competition, the painful decision to close the business was at hand.     In late 2010, as our supermarket life came to a close, miraculously, God opened an opportunity for me to enter into the book manufacturing process, working as a national account sales rep, traveling around the nation talking with publishers, both big and small about earning their printing business at Versa Press, one of the nation's Top 20 book, catalog and periodical manufacturers.  I have met so many great people around our incredible nation and in helping many other authors and self-publishers get their books into print, I knew it was time for me to "get back in the saddle" and make my "lost" dream become another reality, get my book finished, printed and create another business.  

It is often said, "When God closes one door, He opens another, even greater door".   This has been so true in my life.  I always enjoyed speaking in public; I have always loved doing creative writing, poetry and then the opportunity to work with so many publishers encouraged me to finally do what God has given me the talents to do.  My position at Versa Press has given me yet another education and allowed me to bring this dream to life. 

Please watch our site for future developments as we venture into this new journey.   Our first book is A DIFFERENT KIND OF CLOSET: THE STRUGGLES OF MENTAL ILLNESS and it recaptures my own story of how I grew up in a home where my mother was bipolar, my father suffered from alcoholism, with my oldest son, Chad's, journey with bipolar disorder, and finally, my own dealings with depression.   Many families deal with these same scenarios, but unfortunately they suffer in silence due to the intense negativity and misunderstanding of mental illness.   Suicides are climbing to all time high as the pressures of everyday society and keeping a person's struggles inside them, with no help, from the perceived so-called shame of coming forward for help.    It's time we come "out of the closet" and become open about this debilitating illness.      A DIFFERENT KIND OF CLOSET: THE STRUGGLES OF MENTAL ILLNESS will is now available for sale on this website and Amazon.  

Thank you for your support and please, if you have any questions or comments let me know.    

Roger L Mohn